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There is no instruction manual for running a business. You may not be getting the results you want because you are not sure how to change your circumstances. How do you turn your aimless activity into purposeful results?

Ask yourself some simple questions and let us help you manage the answers.

Why Did You Start Your Business

Why Did You Start Your Business?

You have already done the hardest part - making the decision to start. But do you know why you started your business? The answer to this question provides answers to the other questions that you will face now and in the future as you continue to build your business.

When Will You Exit Your Business?

When Will You Exit Your Business?

Even though this is a tough question to answer you may be surprised by how the answer will provide context for the problems you may be facing or the opportunities you are trying to pursue. Having the end in mind will help you make better decisions today.

How Does Your Business Make Money?

How Does Your Business Make Money?

Seems simple enough but do you know the mathematical answer? How does your business make money selling a product or service? Are your prices too high or too low? Are your costs too high or too low? Understanding the simple math behind your business makes a difference.

What Plan Is Your Business Following?

What Plan Is Your Business Following?

Small and medium sized business are very dynamic and it can be tough to follow a formal business plan. You know you need a plan but you might be finiding it hard to find one that works for you. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

Where Does The Money In Your Business Go?

Where Does The Money In Your Business Go?

How does your business use its profits? Does it invest in new products or services? Do the profits get used to pay off debts or increase inventory? Understanding how money is used by your business can help you see new opportunities for increase profits and value.

A Monthly Subscription To Advice And Tools

Get access to a dedicated business advisor and customized tools to help you do more.

How Do We Start?

We start with a Business Health Check then build a 90 Day Action Plan so you can see what areas to focus on in your business and how to improve them.

What Do We Do?

Each month your dedicated business advisor will create a new Business Health Check and review it with you. Your 90 Day Plan will also be reviewed and updated as needed

Where Do We Go?

You will have access to business advice whenever you need it for wherever your business takes you. You will also have access to articles, videos and resources to help you put the advice into action.

Build A Healthy Business Today

We believe that a healthy business is able to save, invest and give.

Save For The Future

Your business should have cash readily available to make sure it can meet its immediate obligations and short term obligations.

Invest In New Opportunities

Your business should be in a positon to take advantage of new opportunities when they arise so you can increase your profits and value.

Give Back To The Community

Your business should be in a position to support the local community which helps increase the value of your brand and company.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Let us help your business beat the statistics.


Of businesses will fail...because they have poor cash flow management skills or a poor understanding of cash flow.

Your dedicated business advisor can help you understand your cash flow so your business can operate properly.


Of businesses will fail...because they are overly optimistic about achievable sales, money required, and about what needs to be done to be successful.

Your dedicated business advisor can help you understand the factors in your business that will ensure your suucess.


Of businesses will not recognizing or ignoring what they don’t do well and not seeking help from those who do.

Your dedicated business advisor is a resource you can use to figure out what your business needs and how to get it.

Does Your Business Need Money?

(Currently only available in Canada)

Your business may require access to money.

Create a request, post it and get responses from banks and lenders that want to help.

Businesses have requested more than $105,182,950 to date.