About Us

The Past.

Founded in 2002, mlenow (pronounced "em / el / ee / now") was looking to make life easier for individuals and businesses by using online technology. We dipped our toes in attempting to simplify bank and private financing by coordinating and managing tasks associated with securing residential mortgages, commercial mortgages and private loans. Well ahead of its time, mlenow soared in the online management of administrative and legal tasks, ensuring paperwork was completed correctly while interacting our platform with various parties involved including bankers, lawyers, appraisers, and accountants to ensure a great and simple experience for all.

By 2006, mlenow had shifted its focus on dedicating the majority of its time on entrepreneurs. We used and adapted our innovative technology to source commercial mortgages and business loans and automated the distribution of information packages (called Deal Packages) to bankers, lenders and investors. Although banks, lenders and investors were slow to adopt mle’s “new ways” of finding opportunities to place capital, this didn’t stop us from moving forward. It wasn’t long before mlenow found champions within certain banks and lenders while we sourced more than $200,000,000 financing requests on behalf of entrepreneurs.

The Present.

Where are we now? We are making life easier for entrepreneurs. mlenow is helping entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of their financials, empowering them to make better decisions, while discovering how to build a more valuable business. This includes scraping cloud-based accounting records to find key data points that are used to create instant business evaluations and posting anonymously to the community for ideas. Entrepreneurs can use mlenow to record the changes in their evaluation, send their results to people that can help them like accountants, coaches, consultants, etc. or post their results to a community that can provide them with feedback and comments.

Static business valuations for private companies have traditionally been expensive, cumbersome and exhaustive exercises that are subjective at best and useless to an entrepreneurs at worst. mlenow provides instant real-time evaluations that are designed to help an entrepreneur understand their business in simple terms. For the cost of a monthly subscription, entrepreneurs can check their evaluations daily, weekly, monthly or whenever they want. Having their business evaluation always accessible means they can share their data with accountants, bookkeepers, consultants and anyone else that can help them.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to understand their business from a financial perspective and often times their financial information is either incorrect, not current or in desperate need of repair. Using a daily, weekly and/or monthly business evaluation and simple financial summary is the best way to find out what work needs to be done by an entrepreneur to make their business more profitable and valuable.

We believe that every entrepreneur should have easy and instant access to their financial information, and always know what their business is worth.

The Future.

Where are we headed? mlenow continues to look for ways to make life easier for entrepreneurs. In addition to growing our community, tools and resources, our goal of helping entrepreneurs source financing continues to evolve. We look forward to releasing new features and functions that help entrepreneurs maximize and realize on the value of their business.

And Beyond.

The most audacious goal we have with mlenow is to tokenize the value of every small business on an mlenow blockchain that would allow entrepreneurs who require capital to detach themselves from traditional debt and equity structures and instead, source financing and complete M&A deals based on a currency tied to their data. This would be similar to the current stock market structure but would be less complicated and more practical.

The opportunity to materially increase the success rate of entrepreneurs is what drives us. We believe that the failure rate of entrepreneurs is not a reflection of their abilities and opportunities but rather the complexities of running a profitable and valuable business. To increase the success rate of entrepreneurs, we believe it requires helping them understand the value of what they are building, connecting them to people and capital that can help them and providing access to either merge, sell or acquire other businesses.

Successful entrepreneurs support communities and improve economies which enables creative innovation that solves problems. We believe helping entrepreneurs do more is an opportunity worth pursuing.