Our story

The Past

mlenow (pronounced "em / el / ee / now") started out looking to make life easier for individuals seeking financing by coordinating and managing the tasks associated with securing a mortgage. This included administrative and legal tasks as well as interacting with the various parties involved including bankers, lawyers, appraisers, and accountants.

mlenow evolved into a financing portal where entrepreneurs and business owners could answer a few questions online and be provided with a series of banks/lenders that would be best suited to fund their request.

The Present

mlenow is currently a portal where entrepreneurs can discover how to build a valuable business. This includes scraping their cloud-based accounting records to find key data points that are used to create an instant valuation and action plan for increasing profits. Entrepreneurs can use mlenow to record the changes in their valuation, send their results to people that can help them like accountants, coaches, consultants, etc. or post their results to a community that can provide them with feedback and comments.

The Future

mlenow will evolve into a blockchain with tokens that represents the value of a business that an entrepreneur can use to secure the capital their business needs to take advantage opportunities and fix problems.